The last blog – and twinkle ⭐️

It’s a sad day. Not just because this is the last day of the NaNoPoBlano challenge but because tonight, I sang my last ‘twinkle twinkle little star’, to my son. It’s a funny thing, but after 20 odd years of parenting I didn’t think of this as being a milestone. Quite often though, these milestones are slotted in between minutes, that are hurried and unexpected. And this was definitely the latter. Why the significance? Maybe it’s because he is my last, maybe it’s because he is my loudest or maybe, because he chose this milestone himself.

He lay in his racing car bed, looked at me and said, “I’m getting big now Mummy. No more songs – I can go to sleep all by myself”.

Possibly, The best known nursery rhyme in the world, ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’, was written by Jane Taylor, aged 23, in 1806 in her attic, which still exists in Stockwell Street, Colchester.

While my throat tightened and I swallowed hard, I also felt the joy that you feel when your child makes a decision based upon them realising something about themself. This is definitely something I have been so much more aware of with smallest. It doesn’t matter how long they have had a bottle or stayed in nappies; or in this case how long they like to be sung to sleep for, what matters is that they feel themselves when the time is right for them to grow. Allowing them the space to feel when things are right, helps them to transfer this knowledge to other situations in life. Making sure they aren’t imposed upon, helps them learn to feel based upon what they experience within, rather than due to someone else’s expectation.

So it’s a bittersweet moment. I am just blessed to have the opportunity to have sung this nursery rhyme in the town where its lyrics were composed, to three beautiful children- who maybe one day will do the same for their own children.

And that’s it from me for this challenge. It’s been a blast and I have really enjoyed reading some amazing and inspiring posts. From the inspirational work of Anyes to the information loaded posts by Steven, the beautiful words of Ra and all in between, I have enjoyed it all. Much love and goodnight 👍

14 thoughts on “The last blog – and twinkle ⭐️

    1. Thank you so much Sarah! I really do appreciate the feedback- as Steven said on one of his posts, it can sometimes feel as if you are ‘posting into a void’! Thanks again and I hope you enjoy reading 😊

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      1. Reading back has been lovely, I’m glad to have found you via Nano Poblano. I agree, and when November rolls around it’s always so mood boosting to be part of the community. ❤


      2. Thank you 😊 It is lovely to read that you have enjoyed the posts- and I agree as the dark days take hold it’s definitely added some light feeling to the evenings. Roll on 2021!

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  1. Reblogged this on Mitch Teemley and commented:
    My Featured Blogger this week is ewhyard of Mum’s the word. Ewhyard lives in Colchester, Britain’s oldest town, though she’s spend considerable time in Wales, as well. I have no idea which, if any, part of her her blogger name is her name-name, so for now we’ll call her “E.” But I do know she is criminally under-read. Once envisioning life as journalist, E became and full-time mum, instead, then a teacher and social worker, as well. When she finally returned to writing–and I’m so glad she did–she turned from journalism to a broader range of mum-centric memoirs, essays, and poetry. There’s a rich literary vein in her writing, along with pervasive wit and, well, good old-fashioned goodness. Read her!

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    1. Gosh! I am really quite overwhelmed by your words and cannot thank you enough for taking the time to read my work. Your endorsement really has put a huge smile on my face. I enjoy writing so much and the blogging journey really has been fantastic – especially at this tricky time. Thank you again – E(sther)

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  2. Hello E(sther),
    i’m blessed to count Mitch among my friends, and i appreciate his bringing your lovely words to my notice. God bless you, in your writing, your family — in all you do and are.
    Way to use the gifts you’ve been given!

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    1. Hello Matilda,
      I was incredibly touched by his post and feel blessed by the response that has followed. Thank you very much for taking the time to read and for your words- it’s really appreciated.


  3. I love your story. It is beautifully told.

    Life is full of so many “lasts.” We often do not realize they are happening until we look back. I can’t even recall the last time I carried one of my children in my arms. When was the last time they sat in my lap and put their arms around my neck? When did they stop holding my hand? When did they stop calling my “Mommy”?

    This part of my life (my sixth decade) is filled with firsts. The first time our kids prepared Thanksgiving dinner for us and said, “Just bring yourselves,” when we asked what we could bring. The first time my daughter said as I stood on a stool to reach something, “Be careful, mom. Let me get that down for you.” When did we stop going to their house(s) to help them paint or fix things — and when did they start coming to our house to do the same for us?

    The circle of life. It’s beautiful.

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    1. Thank you very much- I appreciate you taking the time to read it.
      It is so true the lasts and the firsts they come thick and fast, as you say often without is realising it. I have really appreciated this year, being able to notice the firsts. Many of them I would not have even been part of had I not made the decision to make the break a bit more permanent, which I wrote about in New Beginnings.
      Your words remind me of a conversation I have had more recently with my Dad, who was actually speaking about last times with his Dad! As you say the circle of life – and the wider circle we are part of over generations – is magical. Here though we have a space to share our observations.

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