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Thinking is an art. The kind of thinking where we think, let thoughts wash over us , evolve and evoke. Our experience is often the result of predetermined action and so to lose that habitual planned existence feels as though we are wasting our time. Perhaps letting go of planned time we could meet unplanned contentment.

I am a teacher who has worked with disadvantaged young people to support their well – being for the past 15 years.As a teenager I dreamed of becoming an journalist and having my work published but at 19 I started a family . When the now biggest had both started school I fell into youth work and subsequently teaching and welfare support. I use the past tense as during the lockdown I made the decision to leave my job and take a year out to care for my youngest child.

Here is a space I have created to let go and find something different.. Conversation about motherhood, work and life in general. About constraints and limitations we impose and the beauty of being in touch with human nature.

It is a space where I go back to childhood when nature was woven into days spent with the freedom experienced in 1980s Britain, through adolescence, to its consequence.

Memoirs, essays and poetry bring to life what has gone highlight the now and exploring who, rather than what I have become.